Massey-Ferguson MF 135 Operators Manual

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   This Massey-Ferguson MF 135 Diesel and Gas Tractor manual covers the MF 135 tractors produced  through 1975. It contains 58  digitally enhanced pages of exploded drawings and operating information for the MF-135 tractors. Both the 135 Special and Deluxe models are included. Please note this manual covers basic service and adjustment procedures. It does not cover engine rebuilding etc.

It covers;

     If you own a MF-135, you can't afford to be without this comprehensive manual!


    If you purchase the CD manual, simply put the CD in your computer and it will automatically prompt you to either view the manual or install the Acrobat Reader files. ( Included on the CD.) Downloaded manuals do not contain the installer.

    The index page is hyperlinked so you can click on the information you want and go directly to the correct page in the manual. Once you find the information you need, simply print it out, smear it with grease, and throw it away when you're done. Mess up a page? No problem! Just print out another fresh copy and get back to work.  This manual will never wear out!    

I am a licensed Adobe Reader™ Distributor and include the installation files on the CD to save you from having to download them. (15.8 MB)

    These manuals are typically in poor shape when I get them. Each page goes through a photo editing program to clean up the blurry images, and remove the greasy fingerprints. Finally the manuals are converted to PDF format with a hyperlinked index for easy access. These manuals are better than the originals and will last forever!

    I've purchased CD manuals in the past and have been sorely disappointed with the quality. What good is a bunch of blurry, unorganized JPEG files scanned at 100 DPI?   If you want to see examples of what the imitators are selling, click here. Don't waste your money!

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    The binding allows it to stay open even when it's laying on the hood of your tractor. If you prefer a used manual, I'll smear some grease on the cover and dog-ear a few pages for a slight additional charge.