The only reason for requiring a driver's license is to be able to prove I shipped to an adult if the need ever arises. It's called covering my butt. I like my butt better than yours so there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can send it to me by either uploading it to the server from the product page*,  replying to the order confirmation with a image attachment,  (125 DPI minimum)  or drop a copy in the mail. You will need to send it in a format that is commonly used such as jpeg. Faxing is not currently available.

Please stop and think before you email me with "I can't get my license to scan. Can I just send you the information in an email?" My answer will be, "I can't figure out how to ship this. Can I just email you a photo of your product?"

The name and address on the license must match the order details. If the address doesn't match,  I'm going to guess some 13 year old kid swiped his uncle's license and submitted an order.  If the addresses are different, you can include a utility bill showing your connection to the shipping address.

If you decide not to follow the proof of age requirements that were clearly spelled out and request a refund, there will be a 5% cancellation fee to cover the processing fees I was charged to process your initial payment.

*Uploading to the Server

Items requiring a driver's license have a selection box to upload an image. Click the "browse" button, select the file you want to upload from your computer, and then add the item to your cart. Your file will not get uploaded until you add the item to your cart.  Did I mention that you need to add the item to your cart?

The file size will determine how long it takes before you're taken to your cart. The size limit is 4 MB. If you don't see the notation "Submit ID:" in your cart or forget to send it you will need to send a copy by replying to the order confirmation email you'll receive.




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