3/4" ID Cardboard  Tubes


These tubes come in 24" lengths so you can easily cut any length you need.

I got tired of trying to keep different length tubes around and then trying to order enough to make someone's minimum order requirements so I started contacting manufacturers to custom make tubes for me. 

These are what I came up with and I couldn't be happier. I guarantee you will be too.





  • 3/4" ID -1" OD -24" long

  • THICK Wall .125"

  • Rock Hard

  • Spiral wound


These are not off-the-shelf tubes. They are custom manufactured to tight specifications in order to get the quality and consistency required for rocketry. In order to get dependable results, you need to know that your tubes are consistent from one batch to another. Home made tubes cannot offer uniform results.

When I want to make a 1 LB rocket, I simply take my hacksaw and cut the exact length I need. I can get 3 - 7" rocket tubes and have a 3" piece left over for a nice little Stinger missile.

These tubes are perfect for Rockets, Stinger missiles, Gerbs, and Fountains. 

Are they strong enough for Whistle Rockets? Watch the video below and see for yourself.  

I know that many old time rocket builders think that you should only use convolute tubes but my customers and the video above say differently.



I'm so confident of the quality of these tubes, I offer a money back guarantee.* Try one and if they're not as strong as I say they are, send them back. If they're the wrong color, send them back. If your wife complains about spending more money on "your silly fireworks hobby", send them back and use your refund to start divorce proceedings.

*Use one tube within 10 days of receiving your order. If they do not meet your expectations, return the remaining tubes and I will refund your purchase price excluding shipping. Please contact me for a RMA authorization. I strongly suggest purchasing Insurance and tracking.  I cannot be responsible for lost returns.


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