It's a perfectly fine weekend to relax, mow the yard, hunt mushrooms or.....LETS BUILD TRELLISES!! "It shouldn't take long"


170' of clear Fir and Cedar @ $3.00/ft,  240' of copper tubing....yep that should do it!


First, you must have the proper attire.


 This is Ms. Mortiser of 1999. 


Bet a chisel works better!


Man, it  REALLY  hurt last time I did this!


 Always wear eye and ear protection.


 Two VERY friendly aliens thought we were building a listening device. We worked out a mutually acceptable trade agreement.


 We burn all our mistakes


 Geralynn storms off after insisting it would look better standing upright. Geralynn's always right.




Let's see.. If we correctly figured the balance point...


Ta Da!!