The Pour House


Hmm where do you get a good cheeseburger in Monroville? I know, lets try that bar over there!

We walked in the door and I asked the owner how their cheeseburgers were. Without hesitation or a smile, he answered, 

"They're fuckin excellent. You want one?"

"Do you have hot pepper cheese?"


He was right, they were good. We went back 3-4 more times in the next 2 weeks and I kept ordering hot pepper cheese figuring they'd finally get some in.

"We had 11 pounds yesterday. The sons-a-bitches ate it all."

"Yeah, next time I get some, I'll put your name on a slice with a magic marker".

If you're looking for conversation and prompt service, this ain't the place. If you're looking for a good cheeseburger with a slab of sweet onion, give them a shot. I give The Pour House 3 pickles.