Famous Cheeseburgers Of The World 


    The idea for this page started a few years ago. I'm a self-unemployed carpenter and I do a lot of work in the surrounding communities. Most of the towns around Fort Wayne are small communities but have at least a couple of bars where I can get my daily cheeseburger fix. A cheeseburger is damn hard to screw up, they are never re-heated from last week like "today's special", and are easily flavored to your taste with various condiments. If they serve food, they have cheeseburgers. Typically these places order their own blend of meat to get a burger that is juicy and tasty. Sadly, however there are exceptions.



Martin's Tavern


Young's Cafe


Pour House




  If they don't serve beer, they can't have good cheeseburgers. It's the law

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